Unique Tree Carvings Around the World

unique tree carvings

unique tree carvings

Well-kept trees can improve the appearance of any home, business or landscape with their natural strength and beauty. Around the world, some people have chosen to elevate these elegant, noble plants even further with unique additions. Here are some of the world’s most impressive and interesting tree carvings.

World’s Longest Tree Carving

China’s Along the River During the Qingming Festival is a painting created by artist Zhang Zeduan nearly 1,000 years ago. The painting measures 10 inches tall and 207 inches long, creating an expansive scene that captures the daily life of the people who lived in the capital city of Bianjing at that time. One of the most renowned Chinese works, it is often referred to as the “Chinese Mona Lisa.”

In 2013, Chinese artist Zheng Chunhui won a spot in the Guinness World Record books for the completion of the world’s largest wooden carving. Over a period of four years, Chunhui carved a scene from Along the River During the Qingming Festival into a single 40 foot long tree trunk. The three-dimensional sculpture features intricately carved buildings, landscape and 550 unique people. Chunhui’s carving was originally unveiled at the Palace Museum in Beijing, the same location of the scroll on which it is based.

Basque Arborglyphs

The Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada is full of beautiful scenery, wildlife and aspen trees. One of the most unique sights in the park, some aspen trees are covered in carvings made by people passing through the area hundreds of years ago. More than just simple vandalism, these carvings serve as an important record of the area’s history.

The Basques are a European people who hailed from the Pyrenees Mountains located on the border of Spain and France. Basques have their own language, Eusk, but also read, wrote and spoke in Spanish. During the California Gold Rush in the 1800s, many Basques came to America to make their fortunes via gold mining. After the Rush calmed down, the Basques left to work in Nevada as sheepherders and suppliers for surrounding mining camps. Along the way, they left a part of their culture carved into the trees in Great Basin National Park.

Nova Scotia Tree Sculptures

In Nova Scotia, Canada, the town of Truro was once home to many large elm trees. A majority of the giants died due to the infectious Dutch elm disease which was spread by bark beetles. In an effort to make the best of a tragic situation, 43 sculptures were made from trees around town. Some are still standing, though most have succumbed due to internal decay.

unique tree carvings

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