5 Reasons to Have an Arborist Inspect Your Trees Before Buying a Home

Fallen Tree

Trees provide a property with a lot of beauty and shade, but certain species can be more trouble than they are worth. Having an arborist perform an inspection before you a buy a home can help you determine if any trees need to be serviced by a professional.

If you are shopping for a new home, you might spot a potential candidate with some mighty maples or elms in the yard and think you hit the jackpot. It is true that large, mature trees offer plenty of benefits, including lower energy costs and cleaner, healthier air.1 However, there are good reasons to have them inspected by a certified arborist before you sign the dotted line.

Falling Trees

Sprawling trees provide shade and give a yard personality, but unfortunately, the larger the tree, the bigger the risk. Severe thunderstorms can potentially snap branches or topple entire trees – both of which are a serious hazard to your family and home. Some species are more susceptible to strong winds than others – a certified arborist can identify trees that pose a threat to your property.

Invasive Roots

Tree roots have a mind of their own. Even smaller trees, such as willows, have shallow, strong roots that can quickly stretch 20 to 30 feet.2 Sewer lines, foundations, driveways, sidewalks and septic systems are easy targets for invasive roots searching for nutrients. A foundation or basement that has been damaged by tree roots could be a deal breaker – it is good to know if your trees have these types of roots.

Disease and Decay

Some signs of tree disease are obvious – dead branches, brittle bark, fungus – but some are more difficult to diagnose. Decay, for instance, begins on the inside of the tree, so the average person may not realize a tree is rotting until it is too late. Other signs, like dead leaves, may not seem like distress signals. A diseased, decaying tree is a safety hazard, an eyesore and could lead to costly repairs.

Signs of Pests

Trees, especially diseased ones, can harbor all sorts of invasive pests. Aphids, Japanese beetles, cankerworms and bagworms are just a handful of harmful insects that take up residence in native Georgia trees and strip them of their beauty.3 Plus, when infested trees are near your home, pests can easily make their way inside. If you do not spot the signs of an infestation early, your trees and even your home could end up paying the price.

High-Maintenance Trees

It is common knowledge that most greenery requires some maintenance. However, not everyone knows that some trees require a lot more than others. For example, Georgia’s beloved peach trees need frequent upkeep, including annual pruning and disease management.4 You should get an idea of which trees are more trouble than they are worth.

Arborists and Tree Services in Atlanta, GA

Professionally certified arborists can spot of number of potential issues with your trees, and can make recommendations for treating small problems before they become larger ones. This includes pruning, tree removal, insect management and other services. Gunnison Tree Specialists offers our Atlanta neighbors ISA certified arborist services in addition to residential tree maintenance.

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