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It’s a common story. You wake up to find a tree on your property is no longer standing; perhaps it’s on your house or blocking your driveway. It’s a big problem – it’s your problem and you don’t know where to start. Often, dead and sick trees go undiagnosed and many issues can be handled before they become emergencies. GTS has been handling residential tree issues since 1999. Chances are if you’re seeing something as a problem, we’ve dealt with it in the past and would love to help you navigate through possible solutions.

Tree Removal

You shouldn’t just hire the first company that comes up in an online tree removal search. This type of work is highly technical. In the wrong hands, it can result in serious problems. Trust Gunnison Tree Specialists with your tree removal.

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Stump Removal

Although cutting down a tree may seem like a major project, it’s actually straightforward when compared with removing a stump. Stump removal is a lot more involved, and that is why you need a company like Gunnison Tree Specialists to do it right!

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Pruning helps a tree or shrub maintain its shape and vigor by removing broken, dead or diseased branches that can be unsightly and make it more difficult for the tree or shrub to stay healthy. Pruned trees look healthier and add property aesthetic.

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Insect & Disease Management

increase the health of your trees and landscapes, arming your tress to defend against disease and pest infestation. Our arborist will immediately make a correct diagnosis.

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Emergency Services

It’s been proven time and time again – hazardous weather conditions can cause trees to fall and create extremely dangerous situations. Gunnison Tree Specialists of Atlanta are highly specialized for this very type of tree removal service.

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Risk Assessments

Trees can make a lovely addition to your landscape, but they often come with their own set of risks. To ensure that your property is safe, Gunnison Tree Specialists will inspect your trees and mitigate risk factors.

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Tree preservation

The benefits of a properly pruned tree are health, aesthetics and storm resistance. All of our pruning is done according to standards used by professional arborists.

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