Nip Cherry Tree Disease in the Bud

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You may be panicking like Chicken Little, but don’t worry – just because your cherries are falling from your trees doesn’t mean your cherry tree is sick or dying. Immature cherries are susceptible to falling from the slightest breeze. The appearance of immature cherries doesn’t mean your tree is sick, as it can be a normal occurrence. It could also be a sign your tree isn’t well. Determining the underlying cause can be difficult without the help of a professional, but it largely depends on the total crop of cherries you’re losing.

Signs Your Cherry Tree May be Dying

If you’re losing 30 percent or less of your crop, your trees are experiencing the natural thinning known as “June fruit drop.” Fruit drops occur in other fruit trees, like apple, plum and peach trees. Trees only have so many nutrients to spare for their fruit, so they will conserve them and shed unformed or immature fruit to ensure the other fruits reach maturity and grow larger. Thinning also allows more fruit to receive additional sunlight, which is vital to their growth and maturity.

However, if you find your trees are losing more than 30 percent of their crop, your tree may be sick or diseased. Signs of a sick or diseased tree include:

  • Brittle or dry branches that are crumbly to the touch
  • Cracks in the bark or large chunks of missing bark
  • Flat or shriveled buds in the spring
  • Fungus and rot growing on the crown of the tree or the root ball

If your diseased or sick tree grows from a container, you can simply discard the tree and purchase a new one from a nursery. However, if you planted a tree without a container, you will need to dig and remove the tree quickly to prevent disease or sickness from infecting roots of nearby plants and trees. If you discover one of your trees is sick, closely monitor surrounding trees as time progresses to ensure they’re not infected.

Have Your Sick Cherry Tree Professionally Removed with Gunnison Tree Specialists

Removing a sick tree on your own can be difficult, as tree roots grow deep into the earth and can intertwine with those of neighboring trees. Avoid unintentionally damaging the roots of neighboring trees by having the professional tree removers from Gunnison Tree Specialists do it for you.

Our arborists also have the expertise necessary to improve the health of sick trees by helping them defend themselves against disease and invasive pests. Depending on the diagnosis, our arborists will make the best decision for your sick or diseased cherry tree by either treating the issue or expertly removing it so it doesn’t compromise the health of neighboring trees.

We’ve been in practice since 1999, so chances are, whatever tree issue you’re dealing with is something we’ve dealt with many times before. Contact Gunnison Tree Specialists today to schedule a residential pruning or tree removal.residential pruning or tree removal

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