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Property Managers, Project Managers, Superintendents and Contractors have a unique relationship with the trees on their property or at their project. We understand that you have a job to do and that you rely on our ability to stick to your budget and perform our services in a timely and professional manner.

We provide professional commercial tree pruning and removal through out the Greater Atlanta Area and the Southeast.GTS has the equipment and the experience to get in and out of your project so that you can move to the next phase.

Golf Courses

You shouldn’t just hire the first company that comes up in an online tree removal search. This type of work is highly technical. In the wrong hands, it can result in serious problems. Trust Gunnison Tree Specialists with your tree removal.

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GTS understands that municipal landscape managers have a tough job as they have to answer to every citizen in their city or county. Let Gunnison Tree take care of your pruning and hazardous tree removal needs. We will be conscious of your budget and we are accustomed to dealing with the challenges of working in the public sector.

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Pruning helps a tree or shrub maintain its shape and vigor by removing broken, dead or diseased branches that can be unsightly and make it more difficult for the tree or shrub to stay healthy. Pruned trees look healthier and add property aesthetic.

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Office Parks / Retail

increase the health of your trees and landscapes, arming your tress to defend against disease and pest infestation. Our arborist will immediately make a correct diagnosis.

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Schools / Parks

The benefits of a properly pruned tree are health, aesthetics and storm resistance. All of our pruning is done according to standards used by professional arborists.

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Power Services Contractor

Gunnison Tree Specialists has two ACRT Line Service Certified Arborists on staff, with combined experience of over 20 years in the industry. We are fully equipped with the knowledge and equipment to safely and professionally perform power services pruning and the most technical removal projects.

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Retention Pond Clean Outs

GTS understand the importance of maintaining the watershed on your property. These areas often go un-maintained and lead to costly erosion problems or, flooding of common areas due to the inability to drain.  Have us out to take a look at your retention and detention ponds so that we can help you stay up to code by removal of overgrown trees and vegetation within these areas.

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Trees can make a lovely addition to your landscape, but they often come with their own set of risks. To ensure that your property is safe, Gunnison Tree Specialists will inspect your trees and mitigate risk factors.

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