Can Your Georgia Trees Stand Up to a Storm?

georgia storm

georgia stormSummer is the season of beach trips, vacations and, if you live in the Southeastern United States, storms. From hurricanes to scattered showers, Georgia residents know when the days heat up, the rains come down. Without maintenance and attention, this annual increase in downpours could have a detrimental effect on your home’s most attractive trees and foliage, so it’s important to monitor your trees’ health and integrity before, during and after rainfall to ensure you maintain your curb appeal for years to come.

What Makes a Tree Fall?

Although trees are often viewed as the most immovable fixtures of our yards, a number of circumstances can combine to undermine your tree’s stability and topple it during the next big storm.

If your trees have grown tall, they may be in danger of falling due to the wind. The canopy of a tree can catch high winds during a storm, pulling the top down and uprooting the trunk. With especially tall trees, the center of gravity is farther from the ground, making it much easier for the wind to pull up the roots and force it to fall. Toppling comes even quicker in storms with high winds and heavy rain. The rain softens the ground, allowing the roots to become dislodged more easily.

If your tree has been struck by lightning in the past, it is more likely to fall in future storms. Lightning causes significant internal damage to the trunk, weakening it in the face of high winds or other lightning strikes.

Occasionally, trees become susceptible to falling simply due to their health. Whether a parasitic pest has made its home inside the tree or ivy is slowly choking off the tree’s water supply, debilitating health issues could cause an otherwise healthy tree to fall during the next stiff breeze.

How to Prevent Your Trees from Biting the Dust

The heavy Georgia storms aren’t going away any time soon, so the best way to keep your trees from falling is to monitor them closely. Look for signs of fungus or infestation in the tree, especially around the roots or base of the trunk as these areas are vital to your tree’s stability.

Create an environment conducive to strong growth by laying mulch and enriched topsoil. The nutrients in good soil create a stronger tree, and mulch harbors insects and other life that prevent fungal or parasitic growth.

To keep the wind from toppling your trees, ensure they’re pruned year round. Trimming off extra branches and growths can prevent the wind from dragging your tree down.

Professional Tree Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Strong trees are the bread and butter of an attractive yard. When the storms come calling during the Georgia summers, be sure your trees are ready to withstand wind, rain and lightning. Call on the tree care professionals of Gunnison Tree Specialists for all your pruning, tree removal and pest management needs. Contact us online or call 404-386-3333 to receive your consultation.


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