Cutting Down a Tree on Your Property. There’s a permit for that.


The State of Georgia has ordinances relating to cutting down trees. Regardless of whether the trees are on public or private property, it may be necessary to obtain a permit before you can remove a tree. That applies even if the tree is diseased or poses a danger. It depends on how established the tree

Georgia Winter Tree Planting Guide


Trees and shrubs are complex organisms. They extract nutrients from the soil and the sun, and they convert those nutrients into energy that helps them grow. Much of the activity takes place out of sight under ground level. During the winter, virtually all activity above ground grinds to a halt. Out of sight, there is

How Does a Bark Beetle Kill a Tree?


Beetles are the most numerous types of insect on the planet, with more than half a million species already identified, and the likelihood that many more species are yet to be discovered. The success of these insects is down to their adaptability. Many species of beetle can eat wood, and that makes them one of

How Does Spanish Moss Grow on Those Beautiful Savannah Trees?


Savannah is renowned for its beautiful, tree lined roads and avenues. They impart a majestic air to the area, and they are used by another species as a host. It is very common to see wispy, Spanish moss dangling from Savannah’s trees. Spanish moss is misnamed. It is neither Spanish or a moss. It originates

How To Prepare Your Commercial Landscape For Winter


Commercial landscaping can enhance your business. Rather than having a utilitarian area around your office or factory, you can spend some money on creating an area that will make people sit up and take notice. Doing this creates a positive vibe about your business. Your business operates all year round, and that means your commercial

How to Protect Fruit Trees During a Freeze


While the climate in Georgia tends to be quite pleasant throughout the year, temperatures can slump at night during the winter. Snow and ice are rare, but they do occur. Trees are quite good at withstanding the cold, but fruit trees are more prone to damage than trees like oaks or magnolias. Fruit trees have

Most Popular Trees In Atlanta


Atlanta is renowned for the magnificence of the trees that adorn many of its streets, parks and open green areas. Many of the trees help provide much needed shade during the sweltering summers. Apart from this practical aspect, they are beautiful to look at, especially when they are fully laden with foliage during spring, summer

What’s Happening To Auburn’s Iconic Oak Trees?


Trees look strong and solid, but they are living organisms. Just like any other living organisms, they are prone to disease. Because they are rooted to the spot, they are also prone to damage and destruction, both accidental and malicious in nature. Atlanta GA tree inspection specialists know exactly how dangerous some diseases can be,