How to Grow Your Own Fruit Trees From Leftovers


Did you know all it takes to grow your own fruit trees are some leftover food scraps? Here’s what you need to know about growing your own strawberries, tomatoes, pineapples and oranges using leftovers and a few other minor ingredients. Contact Gunnison Tree Specialists for expert tips on your fruit trees.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Removal?


Atlanta area homeowners are no strangers to unwanted trees blocking their views, falling in their gardens and dropping debris in their yards. While tree removal is always an option, many may not be sure if their homeowners insurance can cover the cost. The quick answer is that each situation is different, and there are a

Hazardous Tree Assessment Checklist


A tree hazard is defined as any structural defect that is likely to cause the tree or parts of the tree to drop and strike a house, a car or building. Here are some common tree hazards and how to identify them! Contact Gunnison Tree Specialists with any questions.

Who is Responsible When a Neighbor’s Tree Falls in Your Yard?


Atlanta’s urban tree canopy is the largest in the nation. The lush, tall trees found throughout the city provide unmatched shade and beauty. But during gusty seasonal storms, the abundant greenery poses a threat to homeowners in the area due to how frequently they fall and land in people’s yards, with costly and potentially dangerous

Common Georgia Tree Diseases


Trees can add a touch of life and beauty to any yard or outdoor area. But even the most well-manicured and cared for trees aren’t immune to tree diseases seen throughout the Atlanta area. Here are some of the most common tree diseases and how to spot them. Contact Gunnison Tree Specialists for insect and

The Do’s and Dont’s of Compost


Composting can be a rewarding activity for homeowners. Not only will composting do wonders for your yard’s overall health, but it reduces and recycles would-be kitchen waste, eliminates the need for chemical-ridden fertilizers and it returns moisture to the ground, helping to fight droughts. Perhaps the best part of composting, though, is that it requires

The Benefits of Trees


Have your trees professionally pruned by Gunnison Tree Specialists!

Atlanta Tree Tales


Atlanta, Georgia is known as the “City in a Forest,” as the city lies within a sprawl of dense trees. Atlanta trees have seen it all, from civil war to tornadoes, fires and failed deforestation efforts, proving their resilience and historic importance. Some of Atlanta’s most famous trees have rich stories to tell – here

Nip Cherry Tree Disease in the Bud


You may be panicking like Chicken Little, but don’t worry – just because your cherries are falling from your trees doesn’t mean your cherry tree is sick or dying. Immature cherries are susceptible to falling from the slightest breeze. The appearance of immature cherries doesn’t mean your tree is sick, as it can be a

Can Your Georgia Trees Stand Up to a Storm?


Summer is the season of beach trips, vacations and, if you live in the Southeastern United States, storms. From hurricanes to scattered showers, Georgia residents know when the days heat up, the rains come down. Without maintenance and attention, this annual increase in downpours could have a detrimental effect on your home’s most attractive trees