Year-Round Planting Calendar for Atlanta


Find out when you can expect your favorite vegetables and fruits from your garden! Learn more about our residential landscaping services.

Tips for Staying Hydrated This Summer


With summer just around the corner, staying hydrated will soon be more important than ever. Stay healthy this season by following these easy hydration tips! Contact Gunnison Tree Specialists for any residential tree services.

Benefits of Placing Mulch Around Your Trees


Trees are a gorgeous addition to any yard, providing shade, beautiful leaves and blooms. They also offer a considerable return on investment ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000.1 To make sure your young sapling reaches maturity, or to maintain a preexisting tree, you’ll want to put a layer of mulch around the tree base. Mulch

What is Stump Grinding?


After a large tree is cut down, its stump remains for a long time, sometimes for 10 years or more before disintegrating. While a stump isn’t a detriment to your yard in and of itself, it’s often unsightly and the deep roots can sometimes cause a new tree to sprout in the same spot. Stumps

Things to Do in Atlanta


Gunnison Tree Specialists is proud to call the “city in a forest” home! Check out our guide of must-see sights the next time you find yourself in the ATL. Gunnison Tree Specialists keeps Atlanta beautiful for residents & tourists year-round. We offer tree removal, pruning and more!

The Harm in Tree Topping


Tree topping is an ineffective method of tree pruning where the entire crown of the tree is cut randomly to shorten the height or width of the tree or increase visibility through the tree’s leaves. If you need a tree trimmed or pruned trust the qualified professionals at Gunnison tree specialists.

Why Trees Need Sun


Have you ever put a potted plant on your windowsill, only to watch it bend and grow sideways over time? When plants reach toward windows this way, they are positioning themselves so their leaves can capture more sunlight. They need the sun for nutrition so they can stay alive. Trees get their energy in just

Accidents to Watch Out for When Maintaining Trees


Many of us take on DIY projects to learn a new skill or save a buck here and there. However, when it comes to tree maintenance, you’re better off relying on a professional. Tree maintenance tasks like pruning and tree removal pose more risks than you may imagine. Being Struck by a Tree or Branch

Fertilizing Routines for Georgia Trees


Atlanta is known as the “city in a forest” thanks to our 36 percent tree coverage, compared with the average U.S. city’s 27 percent. This beautiful landscape can also be a challenge for businesses and homeowners when it comes to keeping all those trees healthy. Tree health has been complicated further by a series of