What Is Tree Cabling?


Trees in urban areas often need extra support to grow to their full height and maintain their shape. Unlike their forest counterparts, city trees grow and die faster, face human stressors and have different, often less nutritional soil.1 Proper tree care, such as cabling, is one way to offset the stress an urban tree faces.

The Perennial Plant of the Year® for 2018


When planting a garden, you want blooms that last a long time, require minimal maintenance and look beautiful. Perennials fit all those characteristics, which is likely why they’re such a popular choice among gardeners.1 From hydrangeas to peonies, there are dozens of perennials available, so how do you know which one you should plant? Those

Common Diseases of Pine Trees


While pine trees can grow in nearly every climate in the U.S., they are susceptible to many diseases and environmental changes. Is your pine tree trying to tell you something is wrong? Here’s what to look out for! If you have questions about the health of your trees, contact Atlanta’s tree experts at Gunnison Tree

My Tree is Infested with Ants. Now What?


Have you noticed more ants on your trees lately? These tips can help get rid of them and return your tree to full health. If you need help with your ant infested trees, contact the residential tree experts at Gunnison Tree Specialists.

Why You Should Never Use Climbing Spikes When Pruning Trees


Trees are beautiful, beneficial additions to yards, but they do require occasional upkeep to ensure they continue growing properly and don’t become a nuisance. It’s important you choose the right arborist for your tree trimming and maintenance to ensure they not only do the job right, but also perform their work without damaging the tree.

Year-Round Planting Calendar for Atlanta


Find out when you can expect your favorite vegetables and fruits from your garden! Learn more about our residential landscaping services.

Tips for Staying Hydrated This Summer


With summer just around the corner, staying hydrated will soon be more important than ever. Stay healthy this season by following these easy hydration tips! Contact Gunnison Tree Specialists for any residential tree services.

Benefits of Placing Mulch Around Your Trees


Trees are a gorgeous addition to any yard, providing shade, beautiful leaves and blooms. They also offer a considerable return on investment ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000.1 To make sure your young sapling reaches maturity, or to maintain a preexisting tree, you’ll want to put a layer of mulch around the tree base. Mulch

What is Stump Grinding?


After a large tree is cut down, its stump remains for a long time, sometimes for 10 years or more before disintegrating. While a stump isn’t a detriment to your yard in and of itself, it’s often unsightly and the deep roots can sometimes cause a new tree to sprout in the same spot. Stumps