Anatomy of a Tree


As you lounge in your yard this autumn, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of your trees. From their gorgeous colors to their impressive stature, trees are beautiful examples of what nature can create. From the ends of the roots to the tips of the leaves, these are the parts of a tree. If

4 Reasons to Remove a Tree Immediately


Emergency tree removal is something most homeowners don’t think about until something bad has already happened, like a branch snapping and falling on your car or a tree splitting in half across your yard. It’s imperative you remove the tree quickly to prevent further damage to your property. Who to Call for Tree Removal Never

Why Do I Need to Remove a Dead Tree?


If there is a tree in your yard that has seen better days, you may be wondering if you need to remove it. Start by looking for the signs of tree death. If you suspect your once lush oak or maple is nearing the end of its lifespan, there are several reasons you should have

Best Ways to Clean Up Leaves


It’s that time of year again. Looking for a better way to rake leaves? Follow these tips for more efficient yard cleanup!  Best Ways to Clean Up Leaves from Gunnison Tree Specialists Red and orange leaves are beautiful, but they quickly make for a messy lawn. Clean them up fast with these tips. Raking

6 Signs of a Dying Tree


You may have noticed brown leaves or branches falling from your favorite tree and wondered if this is normal or cause for concern. It turns out there are some tell-tale signs of a dying tree all home and business owners should be aware of. Here are six signs your tree is dying. If you need

5 Reasons to Have an Arborist Inspect Your Trees Before Buying a Home


Trees provide a property with a lot of beauty and shade, but certain species can be more trouble than they are worth. Having an arborist perform an inspection before you a buy a home can help you determine if any trees need to be serviced by a professional.  Five Reasons to Have an Arborist

Can You Plant a Tree in the Same Spot Where a Tree Was Removed?


After you have a tree removed from your property, you may want to fill the void left behind. Planting a new tree in its place is one option, but you must be vigilant to avoid having to cut down the new tree due to disease or insects. Here are some other factors to consider before

Xylella Fastidiosa: Bacterial Leaf Scorch Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Because bacterial leaf scorch symptoms look similar to those caused by abiotic stressors like nutritional deficiency and other blights, it was not recognized as a pathogen until the 1980s. Though it’s often overlooked or misdiagnosed, this disease is essentially a death sentence for residential trees. What Is Bacterial Leaf Scorch? This tree affliction is caused

8 Trees You Should Not Plant in Your Yard


8 Trees You Should Not Plant in Your Yard from GunnisonTreeSpecialists With most of summer in the rearview mirror, now is a great time to plant a tree.1 Most trees offer plenty of benefits to homeowners – energy conservation, air pollution reduction and increased resale value, to name a few – but some can be

5 Signs That It Is Time to Prune Your Trees


Pruning your trees keeps them looking beautiful, prevents expensive property damage and may help you avoid the need for costly removal of diseased or rotting trees. Though you may understand the benefits of pruning, you may not know when it should be scheduled for the best results. Here are five signs that it is time