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Atlanta, Georgia is known as the “City in a Forest,” as the city lies within a sprawl of dense trees. Atlanta trees have seen it all, from civil war to tornadoes, fires and failed deforestation efforts, proving their resilience and historic importance. Some of Atlanta’s most famous trees have rich stories to tell – here are some of the most intriguing ones.

Atlanta’s Famous Trees

  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home’s Cherry Bark Oak Tree – This cherry tree holds the distinction of Atlanta’s largest measured tree, boasting a gargantuan size in trunk circumference, height and “crown spread,” the measurement of the tree’s aboveground parts. The tree is also one of Atlanta’s oldest, turning 248 years old in 2017! Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home was built in an L-shape formation around the tree so patients inside could find solace seeing it outside their windows.
  • Connally Nature Park’s White Oak Tree – Connally Nature Park is a 27-acre park that was originally planted to provide shade for the Connally Plantation in the 1800s. The park has gone through numerous battles with developers trying to bulldoze the area to install a softball complex and later an elementary school. Preservationists defeated both attempts to level the historic park. The park is home to a stoic white oak tree, which has been named the state champion white oak by locals.
  • The Oakland Cemetery Magnolia – Oakland Cemetery is known for a large Southern Magnolia tree that lies in the middle of the Confederate section of the cemetery. Civil War Private Lucian Brahan Weakley honored his brother’s death in Chickamauga by planting a magnolia sprout on top of his grave in 1885. Weakley’s brother’s tombstone now rests against the massive trunk of the tree, providing a haunting sense of comfort.
  • The “Mystery Incense Cedar” – The theories behind this non-native mystery cedar tree are even more intriguing than its height. Tree experts have determined someone brought an incense cedar seedling from the West Coast and planted it 160 years ago on South Chandler Street, which is now a segment of the Agnes Scott campus. Local Atlanta residents have speculated for years as to who brought and planted the seedling and for what reason.
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