Why Atlanta Is Called The City In The Forest


It will come as no surprise that Atlanta is dubbed the City in the Forest because of the number of trees that line its streets and that feature heavily in its parkland. However, the nickname does not convey just how numerous the trees are in the city. Aerial photographs show that most of the city

Why Is My Birch Tree Peeling?


The bark of a tree is the tree’s equivalent to a human’s skin. It provides the first protective layer against weather and disease. Just as humans are prone to infection if the skin is damaged, trees, too, can be affected if the bark is penetrated. It is understandable why people would become concerned when they

The Holidays are Coming; Let’s Make it Last!


With the holidays right around the corner and the festivities starting earlier and earlier with each passing year, we thought we would jump on the bandwagon to help all of our customers extend the life of the holiday season – through greenery. Each year, countless families load up the family car, truck or van and

The Trees of Fall


Fall is easily the best planting season for trees. Why is this? By transplanting trees in the fall, when the summer heat has died down and before the ground temperatures drop and freeze, the tree has time to develop its root system. Fall is a dormant season for trees and this allows the tree to

Tree Inspections When Purchasing a Home?


Tree Inspections? Yes, we said tree inspections. When purchasing a new home most people have a regular home inspected. Home inspections examine the home structure, yard, lot lines, foundation, etc. as well as other “COMPS” in the area to provide you or the bank an estimated value of the home. Rarely, if ever, do you

When Is The Best Time to Plant Trees and Shrubs?


We all know that the landscape of your home has the potential to add not only great curb appeal, but also add significant value to your property. That being said, you must know the best time of year to plant these valuable items in order for them to flourish. There are many considerations that need

Hot Weather Tree Survival


We are in the depths of a hot, hot summer and while a day at the pool sounds refreshing to cool off and lower your body temperature, what are you doing for your trees to give them a hand? The high temperatures that the southeastern region of the United States experiences during the summer months

What Questions to Ask when Hiring a Tree Service


We have all seen those ghostly trees that are dangerously close to our bedroom or our child’s bedroom window that make us hold our breaths every time a storm rolls into town. As you take a long sigh of relief as the storm has left your property unharmed, you know that you need to take