Best Ways to Clean Up Leaves

09/10/2018 - by: Heath Ellison
raking leaves

It’s that time of year again. Looking for a better way to rake leaves? Follow these tips for more efficient yard cleanup!

Red and orange leaves are beautiful, but they quickly make for a messy lawn. Clean them up fast with these tips.


While raking isn’t the easiest method, it is an efficient and low-cost option. Rakes have come a long way since your parent’s generation. Ergonomic rakes with a bent handle are gentle on the back, while foam-cushioned handles prevent wrist and hand injuries as well as blisters. Expanding rakes have narrowing bows so you can reach between bushes with ease.

Bagging System for Lawn Mower

Attach a leaf collecting system/bagger to your lawn mower in place of the regular bag. You can easily make one yourself using two pieces of tarp. This system is especially beneficial if you have a large property, mature trees or a bad back. Make sure leaves are dry to avoid clogging the mower and bagger.

Mulching Mower

If you want an alternative to bagging leaves through the mower, use a mulching mower to shred leaves into small shavings that settle into the grass and decompose into natural fertilizer. If the leaf coverage is thick, the area might need to be mowed two or three times.

Leaf Blower or Vacuum

Blowers and vacuums may be loud and heavy, but they suck up leaves instantly. They are efficient at shredding dry leaves so you can make quick work of cleaning sidewalks and driveways. They’re also great for hard-to-reach places like bushes and flower beds.

Leaf Collection

If there are lots of leaves to collect and drag to a compost site, put down a tarp and rake and blow leaves onto it rather than piling the leaves into plastic bags. The tarp can be reused again and again.

Use Leaves as Mulch or Compost

Shredded leaves are an eco-friendly way to make your own mulch or compost. The leaves must be dry to shred, and then moistened after mulching. Shredded and unshredded leaves can be used as the “brown” element in an active compost pile.

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09/10/2018 - by: Heath Ellison